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5, Magnesium oil, why you need to add it to your self-care routine

I first heard about Magnesium from Annabel Croft, former professional Tennis player. She said she sprays it on her joints when they are sore and had noticed she was getting an amazing night sleep when ever she used it. With the crazy hours we work in television I always love finding secrets to the perfect night sleep! 

I ordered the magnesium in a spray form online but unfortunately found it a bit itchy on my skin so it went to the back of my beauty cupboard and I forgot about it. 

A few months later my nutritionist Sharon mentioned I should use Magnesium. She recommended putting magnesium chloride oil in a foot bath. Sharon agreed it does help aid sleep but also so much more. I quizzed her on all the health benefits of this fairly ordinary sounding mineral I had never really heard much hype about until recently.

Here’s what I’ve found out 

• Magnesium is an anti inflammatory

• Essential for energy productivity

• Regulated blood pressure

• Muscle contraction

• Nerve signal transition

• It aids sleep

• It is also the leading mineral in the body which is why it is so important

Low levels of magnesium in the body have been linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, mood disorders and migraine. 

We spend hundreds a year on supplements and minerals but If you are lacking magnesium the other supplements you take can’t be absorbed! This is why magnesium is so important.

Although you can get magnesium in whole foods like greens, nuts, seed a lot of people still don’t get enough as it is believed as many as two thirds of people in the UK are lacking magnesium! 

You can take magnesium in many forms from tablets to drinking it however the most effective and most luxurious is a magnesium foot bath. It has has become my favourite habit! 

Why not just take a magnesium tablet?

Most peoples livers aren’t functioning as well as they should which is why it is difficult to take magnesium orally. You loose most of it as it as it can’t absorb into the liver properly.

Adding magnesium to a hot foot bath insures you by-past the liver and it goes straight into the body rather than digesting it first.  There is 17 different types of magnesium but the best for the foot baths is Magnesium Chloride. I add this to hot water in my foot spa 3 times a week.

How to create a magnesium foot bath

I like to do my foot baths in the evenings but play around with different timings and see what works best for you. I use the portable foot spas, if you don’t have one of these you can just add it to your normal bath. The water has to be very hot for the magnesium to absorb through the feet but check it first to ensure it’s not too hot! You don’t want to burn yourself. 

Measure a lid full of magnesium. This is a great start and you can always add more after a few weeks of getting used to it. Add the Magnesium into to the water and slowly sink your feet, stick youtube on and Relax! As I can’t move anywhere I find it the perfect time to catch up on my favourite beauty vlogs. Make sure you keep your feet in the water for a minimum of 20minutes. 

Top tip- If its cold in your house the water can get cooler quickly so I keep a flask of hot water to top up with.

I like to apply a warm body oil on my feet at the end to keep them soft. Elemis Japanese Camellia body oil is great for this. Check the lid is on tight and add the bottle to your hot water for a few minutes so the water will warm up the outside of the glass bottle. Pat your feet and the bottle dry, undo the  apply this luscious body oil to your feet.  Theres something about the oil being warm that gives it that extra spa feel.

Not only is this routine great for your body, iv also found its really great for my mind.

You can buy Magnesium Chloride from The Barn Clinic limited www.barnclinic.co.uk

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