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Booking T&C’s

–        Any person or entity visiting , using or otherwise accessing this site agrees and is bound by the following terms and conditions (agreement).

–        When Booking a service through diditlondon Ltd website , we at (diditlondon) act  as an agency for self-employed beauty professionals. Our contract with you is limited to the provision of use with our website.

–        If you register your details with us at diditlondon ltd we will not be held liable for personal details held by us at diditlondon ltd or any third party’s we at diditlondon ltd use.

–        You accept that you must take full responsibility and caution for  diditlondon professional’s coming in to your property as you would when interacting with other persons unknown to you.

–        You and your diditlondon professional have a direct contract between you and them which does not include us at diditlondon ltd. Therefore diditlondon ltd accepts no liability for any issues that may occur.

–        Our diditlondon professionals take full responsibility for their own insurance policy’s and taxes, we at diditlondon ltd do check all of our professionals for insurance cover, however we cannot be held liable should there policy lapse.

–        We at diditlondon ltd take no responsibility if you are not satisfied with your hair and makeup, this is a contract between you and the diditlondon professional which needs to be discussed between you and them at time of appointment so this corrected, No refunds will be made under this circumstance.

–        Any lateness by our diditlondon professionals which results in you NOT HAVING YOUR SERVICE DONE will entitle you to a full refund within 48hours of appointment this means you will not have your booked service at all.

–        When booking a service it is down to you as the customer to allow enough time before you need to leave for your event , diditlondon ltd take no responsibility for your diditlondon professional being rushed and not able to finish your service. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.

–         It is your responsibility as a diditlondon ltd client to inform your diditlondon professional of any allergies and we will not be held liable for any reactions that you may have as a result of any services carried out by our diditlondon professionals.

–        All of our artist provide their own top quality kit and we cannot guarantee each artist having the same products from booking to booking as every artist is individual and we will not take liability for anything that you think is missing from their kits.

–        At diditlondon ltd we carry out safety checks, interviews and each of our professionals are responsible to have set insurance policy’s including public liability and we will not be liable for any accidents or issues you might incure with them.

–        All bookings must go through diditlondon ltd and you agree that you will not seek to book any said diditlondon professional other than via our website for the duration of this contract and six months of the termination of this agreement.

–        All payments for diditlondon ltd services must go through our website on our secure third party payment system, no cash payments will be accepted.

–        At time of booking , should you wish to have an additional service this must be booked directly through our diditlondon ltd website or by calling us directly. No payments should be passed between you as our client and our diditlondon professionals.

–        All group bookings must be carried out at one location as our diditlondon professional will only be prepared to set up their equipment at one time in one location.

–        It is your responsibility as our customer to provide any parking restrictions and information to our diditlondon professionals, any lateness under these circumstances will not be refunded.

–        diditlondon ltd have a cancellation policy of 48hours if you cancel any less than or within this time frame you will be charged 100% of your booking if you cancel your booking outside of 48hours you will be refunded at charge within 48hours.

–        Any time changes required by you as our customer needs to be discussed with diditlondon ltd and we will try to accommodate where we can, however if we cannot accommodate due to schedules of our diditlondon professionals this will be deemed as cancellation and booking will not be refunded if this is within 48hours of scheduled appointment.

–        Any diditlondon ltd offers and promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other deals or promotions and they will be valid for a set time frame which is noted on the offer.

–        If you are delayed please let us know by contacting us at diditlondon ltd and we will try to accommodate you where possible. Our artists are instructed to wait at your home or office for 15 minutes anything after this will be deemed a cancellation and you will be charged full price.

–        Our diditlondon professionals also have a 15minute delay cover should they be running late we will inform you where possible if you would like to cancel at this point we will refund you the full amount should there lateness lapse 15minutes. You will be refunded within 48hours.

–        By making a booking through our diditlondon website using our third party payment system or over the phone, you warrant that you agree to providing correct an true information including billing and payment information.

–        Prices may vary depending on service and duration of appointment.

–        Full payment is due at time of booking.

–        Accepted payment methods are described on website.

–        If you violate any terms of diditlondon which can be found anywhere on the website your permission to us these service and our website will be terminated.

–        Anyone working for diditlondon ltd are professionals and we expect a certain level of respect shown to our professionals we will not tolerate any abusive behaviour should this occur we have the right to terminate the appointment. Should this happen an investigation will take place and should we think that your behaviour was unprofessional you may still be charged 100% booking fee and will not be entitled to a full refund.

–        We have the right to cancel any appointment at any time and you will be entitled to a full refund.

–        Diditlondon makes every effort to ensure that this website is free from viruses and defects. However we can’t guarantee this website or any websites accessible through it won’t cause damage to your computer. Diditlondon will not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise to computer equipment as a result of using this website.

By using the Website, the App or Service, you agree to hold diditlondon free from liability or responsibility for any damage that might arise out of the transaction between you and this Website and diditlondon Professionals.

–        Any disclaimers and exclusions of liability in these terms & conditions shall not apply to any damages arising from death or personal injury caused by the negligence of diditlondon ltd or any of its employees or agents or fraud. These disclaimers and exclusions shall be governed by English law. If any provisions of these disclaimers and exclusions are deemed to be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable then that provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

–        The images, logos, trademarks and content on our website and social media are owned by diditlondon and are registered and non-registered trademarks of diditlondon ltd and are protected by uk and international trademark law.

–        We have the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time, any changes are effective immediately upon updating on the website.